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    #TIFF10 Thoughts

    My general thoughts about my experiences at TIFF this year:

    • Was originally worried about the fact that the premium screenings spilled out of the Elgin and Roy Thompson Hall, but this didn't turn out to be a problem for films I wanted to see, and since the Elgin wasn't entirely premium screenings, I was able to hit the VIP lounge.
    • I have been critical of the Volunteers in the past, but this year TIFF succeeded in training them extremely well, and by having SO MANY of them, they were nothing but helpful.
    • The Bell Lightbox seems very promising. The two movies I saw were well presented, concession prices remind us what they COULD be if not so overpriced at regular theatres, the exhibits - in particular, the Essential 100 exhibit - were awesome. If you haven't already, you should visit this building. The Tim Burton exhibit will be cool when it arrives too.
    • Lines were well placed this but I think people should stop lining up so early. Just stop. We will ALL be happier if you don't line up 2 hours before.
    • Reading material I picked was great! 100 Bullets entertained and Effective C++ educated.
    • Enjoyed seeing movies with friends, and particularly Katharine who joined me for 9 films.
    • Tried to go to Guu for dinner a few times, but it was always too busy.
    • Only had 1 film at the Varsity and 1 at the Isabel Bader. Noticeable that they're moving the films away from the old Uptown Theatre location and towards the Lightbox. Meaning away from Yorkville as well.
    • 21 was a reasonable amount of movies for a week off from work.
    • 3 midnight madnesses was more than enough for me. After the first two, I knew I was not going to be able to a midnight followed by a 9am start to a 4 movie day.

    I miss the experience already, and look forward to next year!