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    Comics: Spotlight - The Walking Dead

    I wanted to focus on a non-traditional comic book in the form of The Walking Dead.

    I've enjoyed Zombie Films for as long as I can remember.  My favourite part of the films are the parts where the zombies first start to rise, and terrorize society.  This always seems to be the most scary to me and the most exciting.  After that, more than a few zombie films fail to reach the excitement of those great openings, with the most recent exceptions being the Dawn of the Dead remake, and Shaun of the Dead (a comedy, but a zombie film nonetheless).

    In the comic book world, Robert Kirkman has done his best to go further into the world of zombies than anyone else.  Up to issue 66 now (that's over 5 years worth of comics), Kirkman has done his best to use the zombie apocalypse as a way to examine human behavior in the worst situations.  When society crumbles, what do people do to survive?  When laws are no longer enforced, how do people react?  In the face of great sadness and tragedy, how do people keep going?

    In this series there are zombies, drama, action, and much, much more.  If you are fans of the "human condition" type stories, and, yes, zombies, I would definitely recommend this series for you.