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    Big two Toronto comic cons (and TCAF)

    The above photo was taken of me at Fan Expo in front if the TRON Legacy Light Cycle. I was ready to play some classic 'snake'.

    I recently posted the following on my Twitter feed:

    Which I think I should clarify to mean that at some point in time, on separate occasions, I'd given up on each of the big two comic cons - Fan Expo and the Toronto Comic Con - but not that I'd given up on them simultaneously.

    Someone then asked me about TCAF on Facebook.  My response:

    I have a history with all of these cons:
    Fan Expo - first attended in '96, when it was still in a hotel, and when it was ONLY comic books. Stopped attending in 2001 after attending San Diego (a MUCH better con), and after being disgusted by Hobbystar's Anti-Competitive methods and poor treatment of attendees.
    Decided to give it a second chance in 2008 after Paradise's poor showing, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and again in 2009.

    Toronto comic con / paradise comic con / wizard world toronto - went to each one since the first year until it's last when it was apparent that there was no room for growth, it had become stagnant and Joseph Michael Linsner, who had done NOTHING for about 7 years was a guest of honor. Had also attended 4 days of Wizard World Chicago and had a blast, so excited to see what Wizard will bring to this convention.

    TCAF - attended all of them. The first year in the church for most artists and in some other building for panels (and getting a sketch of powdered toast man from creator of Ren and Stimpy) was awesome! The one in the church with great air circulation was also fun. The library is TOO crowded, too stuffy, and there doesn't seem to be that *it* factor there once was... Also, if they show no forward movement, then they might face a result like Paradise did. I'll attend, but I don't have my hopes up for that one.

    Also, I don't count the misc tiny one day cons since they're all off shoots of the big two or TCAF.

    It's indeed exciting again in the Toronto Comic Convention world with Wizard World taking over the Toronto Comic con.  They have the legs in the market throughout North America to really provide some competition to Fan Expo in Toronto.  Also, Fan Expo has gone from a cruddy convention that thought it was big in 2001 - the Fan Expo table in San Diego was no bigger than my desk at home - to a seemingly well run show.  TCAF seems to be gaining traction, but I hope they turn on some air conditioning in that stuffy library next time around.