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    #TIFF10 Reviews: Day 6

    Black Swan
    The Wrestler was my favourite film of the festival a couple of years ago. The director has returned with a film that could have been called, 'The Ballerina'. It was intense, entrancing, gripping, gritty, and used visual effects in an extremely subtle and effective way to enhance the film rather than distract (like it did in the Fountain, another film by the same directory). If you liked the Wrestler, you should see this movie, but avoid if you disliked the Wrestler. Portman is good, but not as good as Rourke was. Probably my fave film of this year's TIFF.

    A Katharine pick, this film was very sad, and a little slow, but 'ok'. There isn't much I want to say about it.

    Poised to be my fave film if TIFF on concept alone - one man show of Ryan Reynolds in a box buried underground - it was a good film that should be seen in a full theatre, and was technically impressive, but I would have preferred it if (SPOILER ALERT) there WAS a conspiracy (as implied in the trailer), rather than the main character just going a little crazy. I think having seen Black Swan earlier in the day, it was hard to find this film to be as intense as advertised. Worth a gander and enjoyable, but don't expect best film of the year.

    Up next, a full day with Katharine, including her least favourite film of the festival.