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    Marvel iPad/iPhone App

    Since the iPad was announced, I told people that the number one use for me would be the ability to read comics on it. It's about the right size for a comic, has decent storage capacity, and could save a lot of box / shelf space.

    Marvel seems to have agreed, and have released their iPad app (which also happens to work on the iPhone). Not having an iPad, my experience is purely limited to the iPhone.

    The app does a good job of presenting the comics. Browsing through issues is easy, and the developers seem to understand how reading on the iPhone should work. Selection is currently quite limited, but that's no different from their website selection.

    There is one major problem with the app: My Marvel Digital Comics Subscription (over $55 a year) does not apply to the Marvel iPhone app (despite logging into the app using the same account). So even though I am paying to view the digital content on my computer (in a Flash viewer) I would have to pay AGAIN to buy individual issues for the iPhone. I have no desire to do this.

    I have cancelled my subscription to the website, since, on it's own, it wasn't worth the cost when the comics were about 6 months behind the print copies. It was convenient that my subscription was set to expire shortly anyways.

    If Marvel brings a subsciption model to the iPhone app, and especially if they bring a subcription model that includes the latest releases, I will be back onboard, but until then, I guess I will continue to read the comics I already read (eg, no additional money from me for digital comics).