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    #TIFF10 Reviews: Day 3

    Today marked the first documentary and a film starring a man named, Gackt.

    Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie
    I will say this: David Suzuki is cool. For me, it was cooler that he was in attendance and participated in Q&A after the movie than the movie itself. But the movie is cool too. Quite cool. The film shows excerpts from Suzuki's Legacy Speech (think, 'Last Lecture') and between parts of the speech, information is presented about David Suzuki. The Japanese internments in Canadian history being the most significant moment, but I learned something else from this filme: I think David Suzuki and my father would get along. Suzuki's number one hobby seems to be fishing :). This was also the first of 6 documentaries I would see at TIFF, the most I have seen at a single TIFF. I definitely recommend this film.

    Over the top CG backdrops with stylized colours and eccentricities. Ron Perlmen was in it, along with Woody Harrelson. There's martial arts and old school fighting too. A Western and Samurai story with no guns. Bright Colours. It's a trippy film, but the bad story, dialog, and with the exception of one scene (a prison fight) bad action. One of the worst films I have seen at TIFF. It was the first time Josh Hartnett had seen the film, and he tried to be nice, but I think he realized it was a bad film. Maybe someone will buy it and ask them to 3Dify the movie. Otherwise this movie will likely bomb horribly. Also, there was a particular gentleman in attendance, but I am still not 100% certain who Gackt is (despite him being more over with the audience than Ron Perlman, Josh Hartnett and Woody Harrelson combined). Avoid this film.

    Next up is documentary 2, and Katharine's first pick of the fest.