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    Credit Watching OR Staying to the End

    If you've ever seen a movie with me, you know I stay to the end of the credits.  I do this because filmmakers these days seem to enjoy putting something special into the end of the credits to reward those who stay through the credits of the people who made the film possible.

    Most films have nothing at the end.  But some do.  Pirates of the Caribbean, The Fast and the Furious, Toy Story 2, and the most notable in recent months, Iron Man 2, all had end credit sequences.  Some good, some bad, but you would never know if you did not wait.

    What NOT a lot of people know, is that my reasons for staying, extend WAAAAY back to 1990, and the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.  I had trading cards that showed a scene I never saw in the film.  Something about things being, too "far fetched".

    I had somehow convinced myself that this was an "end credit scene" that was cut from the VHS and DVD releases, and so made it a point to stay until the movie credits from then on.

    But low and behold, someone posted the scene on youtube.  And it's actually an ALTERNATE ENDING that was never used.  And I'm posting the video on my blog for you to see (and those using facebook to read can check it out here).  Please excuse the commentary afterwards.  The whole point in posting this is to show a scene I've missed seeing for 20 years, and have no finally seen it.