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    TIFF '09 Stella Artois Contest

    I regularly attend of TIFF and TIFF events, and in previous years, have been fortunate to be invited to attend some cool contest events from contest savant Katharine.  This year, it was my turn to win, and I was the online winner in Ontario for the Club Stella Artois Légère Unseen contest involving the Toronto International Film Festival.

    I twittered quite a bit of the festivities (which automatically got populated to my facebook page), so I apologize for the spam, but from some comments, it seemed people had fun reading about what was happening.  Here's a quick summary of what we did:

    • Met in front of the CBC building where representatives from Stella Artois welcomed a group of 25 winners (24 winners from bars and pubs, and one online winner, myself) and their guests (although I think in the end there may have been 42 people total).
    • Hopped into a Limo Bus where there was music, talking, photographs being taken, video being recorded, and all the fun stuff that comes with that.
    • Arrived at the Drake Hotel, where we walked a red carpet and had our photograph taken again, before heading to the Stella Artois "VIP Section".
    • Here we had appetizers like mini-hamburgers, grilled cheese (Katharine's favourite of the night), fries with hot mayo (Katharine's favourite presentation), tandoori chicken, and some other nice foods.  The sushi bar was my favourite section of food.
    • We met Reginald Harkema, director of Leslie, My Name is Evil, the very same film I saw on Monday evening.  He was a nice guy to talk too, and gave me a vinyl of the soundtrack to the film.
    • After the appetizers, hopped back into the limos, and header towards Roy Thompson Hall for the Gala screening of Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky.  Walked to red carpet into Roy Thompson Hall and watched the film with a great beginning, but slow ending.
    • After that, hopped back into the limos and headed towards the TIFF after party at Flow.  Not quite our scene, so left relatively early.

    Overall, it was a very fun experience, and I was happy to attend with Katharine.  You can visit Club Stella Artois for some pictures and a video, but I've also included it below for your convenience (those viewing on Facebook need to click on the "View Original Posting Link" if they wish to see it, or visit here).

    Being interviewed about the experience

    Katharine interviewed about the evening

    Reginald, Me and the Vinyl

    Sushi Bar!

    Katharine and I at the screening