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    #TIFF10 Reviews: Day 7

    A documentary and Katharine's least favourite film of the festival!

    How To Start Your Own Country
    The concept of the film seemed promising: investigate all these micronations in the world. With the exception of two people, most weren't that funny, and the others weren't serious enough, so it failed to go to the extremes it needed to to succeed. It should have either gone full silly - as could have been done with a few more silly micronations - or full serious by looking at Somaliland, Lechtenstein, Tibet, etc, etc and focus on those. By not going to a serious or silly extreme, it can't click with an audience. Not worth a look.

    Cave of Forgotten Dreams
    IFC Films has picked this up, and you MUST see this incredible 3D documentary in theatres when it's released. Documenting the oldest cave paintings known to man, this 3D film makes you feel like you're in the cave. And if liked Grizzlyman and Encounters at the End of the World - other Herzog documentaries - you'll like this one. That said, although I thought it was spectacular, my companion to the film really didn't like it.

    Next up, an alien film!