#TIFF11 Day 6
Sunday, September 25, 2011 at 7:30AM
Paul Gvildys in Events, Movies, TIFF11, tiff

My least favourite film of the festival and my most artsy film of the festival.

The Moth Diaries - 0.5 / 5
Katharine won tickets to this film, but couldn't attend due to work. I could attend, so I did. A vampire movie without fangs... really? This film had bad acting, storytelling, scenes with singing that did not mesh with anything else in the film, a hackneyed teacher / student romance that didn't make sense when it happened, resulting in laughs from the audience, that the director did not intend to get. It had awkward brief nudity. And moths made no sense in relation to vampires. I didn't walk out because I wanted to know hownit would end at least, but then it didn't really end. It was a really bad movie.

Heleno - 3.5 / 5
A black-and-white shot biopic on the Brazilian footballer who was driven mad by, and then died from, syphilis, the cinematography was beautiful, and the lead actor was fantastic. It's a dark film, but then his life was dark. The film bounces back and forth from an asylum he is in near the end of his life, and the height of his athletic career. The steady decline of his life tells a perfect tragedy. A great film to see at the festival, since I am not sure where else I would have had a chance to see it.

Next, my first almost-fell-asleep film of the festival.

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