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    #TIFF11 Day 5

    Hockey and cancer. Not in that order.

    50 / 50 - 4 / 5
    A film about a young man who gets cancer, and how he and the people around him deal with it, I liked this film. Te acting is great - Angelica Huston is spot on - and JGL and Seth Rogen do a good job as well. The eyebrows on JGL were a bit too thick for someone going through chemo, but that's a minor point. I think this film will play well when it comes out in theaters. I would very much like to hear what young people who have had or currently have cancer thought about this film. I would think it's fairly accurate, since the writer more or less based this on his own experiences.

    Goon - 5 / 5
    For me, this was a perfect movie. The comedy, storytelling, acting, writing, camera work, pacing... everything was perfect. Sean William Scott pulls off a likable non-Stiffler like role, and Liev Schrieber performs a perfect east coast accent. The build through the film, including a tease in the middle of the final hockey game leads to one of my favourite film shots of all time, as the characters emerge from the penalty box before they duke it out. That scene, with the wide shot, and the slow zoom out is perfectly set up and framed, with the right amount of time spent moving to the center of the ice. I applauded that scene alone, but it wouldn't have worked without a great build up and conclusion. See this film when it comes out.

    Next up, a vampire movie without fangs, and a biopic on a Brazilian footballer.

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