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    #TIFF11 Day 4

    Canadiana, zombies, and a weird horror film.

    Edwin Boyd - 3 / 5
    Following the life of a Canadian bank robber, this film was really two separate films. It's slick, and has some cool moments. I think if they had shortened the first part, the film would have flowed better. I always find it weird when a number of characters aren't introduced until well into a film, and shortening the first part would have helped. It was interesting to see what bank robbers might have been like, especially the celebrity status of one like Edwin Boyd.

    Juan of the Dead - 4.5 / 5
    A Cuban Zombie film. This film was just cool. The comedy, writing, action, and zombie effects were spot on. The homage to Ghostbusters was also a nice touch, and the "dance" scene was easily a highlight with everyone. I would have given this film a 5 / 5, but not getting George A. Romero to play the George A. Romero type character takes it down that small .5. It's the best zombie film since Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead. Easily.

    The Incident - 1.5 / 5
    Remember how I said midnight madness films are hit or miss? This was defninitely a miss. Hoping for an escape from danger kind of film,I instead got a film of gross violence for violence sake, with a weird twist. Supposedly people fainted during the final scene of the film, resulting in an ambulance being called.

    Up next, another cancer movie and my favorutie film of the festival.

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