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    #TIFF11 Day 3

    Docs and aliens... almost.

    Pink Ribbons Inc. - 2 / 5
    Base on the book of the same name, this documentary aimed to let people know that charity marketing (like the Pink Ribbon labels) are mainly a business, and that the money isn't being used the way you think it is. I think this is an informative important message, but I think the presentation of it is flawed. Yes, cancer sucks, and isn't pretty, but positivity (while being realistic) is still a good thing. Throw in editing that doesn't really work - unlike Into the Abyss, which edits quite nicely - and I think a lot is lost. The theatre was fill of people cheering throughout the film, and who gave it a standing ovation at the end, but it was not deserving, in my opinion.

    Extraterrestrial - 3.5 / 5
    The alien films without aliens, this film was Spain was mentioned to be a comedy, and had it's moments, but with an unlikeable main character, I didn't fully buy into it. That said, the funny moments, and the concept behind it kept in interesting. I sat directly behind the director, and he was as big a fan of it as anyone else in attendance. He was funnier in the introduction to the film, and in the Q&A after the film than the film was, which gives the film and extra .5 in my rating.

    Next up, some Canadian content, a Cuban Zombie film, and a faint inducing midnight madness.

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