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    #TIFF11 Day 2

    This was my longest day of TIFF 11, and it ended up having not one, but two documentaries.

    Into The Abyss - 4 / 5
    Herzog documentaries always seem tobe popular at TIFF. My favourite Herzog doc is Encounters at the End of the World, and I thought 3D Caves of Forgotten Dreams was cool too, but this film is a bit more internal. Focusing mainly on interviews with two young men who committed a horrific crime, with one serving a life sentence, and the other sentenced to death. The film is powerful, although I think he needed more time with the young men to get a better view of what happened.

    A Letter to Momo - 2 / 5
    My only Sprockets (now TIFF Kids I think) film of the festival, this was a animated film from Japan, focusing on a young girl and her widowed mother moving back to the island of her youth. While trying to come to grips with changes in her life, she is assigned some guardian angels to watch over her mom and her. It's well animated, but it's too similar to things like Spirited Away and about 8 years too late. And some of the edits, in particular during the climax, seem sudden, with key scenes missing. Not the best film, but enough redeeming factors that it's ok.

    Comic-Con: Episode 4 - A Fan's Hope - 4 / 5
    Forget Bradgelina, forget Ryan and George, for me, Stan Lee was the celebrity to see this year for me. And having visited Comic-Con this year, this was the only MUST see of the festival. It's difficult to review, as watching the film brought back many memories of SDCC, but focusing on a few stories, and some great interviews made it an enjoyable film. That said, Morgan Spurlock tries to focus on the idea of where are the comics to be found underneath all the stuff mainstream media covers, but fails to interview Mark Evanier, who runs many of the comic related panels during the SDCC. This missed interview takes a lot away from the film for me, but it was still quite fun.

    You're Next - 4.5 / 5
    Midnight Madness can be hit or miss. Ong-bak was fantastic, but Ong-bak 2 was horrendous. You're Next plays perfectly for a midnight madness horror / thriller audience, with the right amount of humor, violence, good writing, and especially knowing it's audience. Many times you could feel anticipation in the audience building, before being let down, and then shocked at another turn. And the climax of the film contained mutiple reasons to cheer the creators. Not for the squeamish, but quite fun. Bonus points for the blender.

    Next up, a doc that angered me in unintended ways, and an alien movie without aliens.

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