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    #TIFF11 Day 1

    My first day of TIFF 11 contained one movie, but I got to see a movie largely driven by one actor.

    The Hunter - 2.5 / 5
    The film spends a lot of time on Willem Dafoe's character, roaming the woods, and laying traps. I wonder how much of the trapping and hunting is accurate. He's hunting a Tasmanian Tiger, which does not spin around very fast. I thought most of the film was pretty good, especially Dafoe's acting, but the movie falls apart at the ending which seemed kind of rushed, and the CG Tasmanian Tiger near the end - presumedly since the archival footage they show earlier in the film might have been of the last living Tiger - is so cheaply done that it takes away from the film. Yes, the focus is on the man played by Dafoe, but since the scene with the Tiger is so important, a poorly generated fake Tiger is no good.

    Next, my longest day of the festival this year.

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